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Wedding Dessert Tips for a Miami FL Wedding

Wedding Dessert Tips – Miami FL

Every wedding is remembered for the dessert table. The venue, the dress, the full course meal are all side kicks to the dessert table. So if you want to have the perfect wedding that your guests love, then make sure you pick out the best dessert menu!

Here are several options to consider to send your guests home with a full stomach of sweets and treats from the wedding reception (:

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Bundt Cakes

This is one good dessert you should have at your wedding. Although, it feels like you are taking an extra cake different from the wedding cake, it is still one of the best you will find because it lacks frosting. As a couple, considering your wedding expenses, it comes at an affordable price and you could get it to go around. All you just have to do is; place them on the center of each table and allow your invited guests to cut slices as they wish.

Cake Push Pops

Another type of cake you could get for your wedding. It is the most convenient type of dessert because you don’t have to concentrate while eating it. For instance, while dancing, you could hold them on one of your hands and slide them into your mouth easily. It is also different from Bundt cakes because it has frosting (especially for guests who would love frosted cakes). You don’t want to see how adorable they look on display – colorful; more reason why you need to get them at your wedding.


Scream doughnuts and you see faces lifted up with happiness. Asides being a snack, doughnut has a lot of values and impacts in ceremonies. For weddings, many people believe it’s a form of appreciation or kind-gesture to your guests. Doughnuts are lovely and very easy to get. All you need to do if you are a couple planning a big wedding is; visit a bakeshop that makes sweet doughnuts in different forms and ask them to make it fresh for your wedding. They go well with ice-cream. Also, ensure the display of the doughnuts is attractive enough to “seduce” people to have them. Often times, it is the best type of dessert for a tight budget.


Pies are very great desserts for weddings. They are simple and tantalizing when placed in large quantities. The most common type of pies used in weddings are mini pies, another type is Whoopie Pies. Mini pies are small, adorable and easy to eat. The way these mini pies are served is very important; ensure it is served with a stick and displayed at the center of each table. Your wedding guests can easily hold them while rocking the dance floor. They are also a good type of dessert for tight budget.

Milk and Cookies

This is the popular type of dessert served at most ceremonies, especially birthdays and get-togethers. However, it will interest you to know that, you could also have them at weddings. I mean, anyone, if not everyone loves homemade cookies. Unlike, every other type of dessert, they are most preferred at night. Everyone knows cookies go well with milk and what better jolly experience can you give to your guests. These cookies could come in different flavors like chocolate, peanut butter, etc. It is also very affordable because they are homemade.


There are several other types of desserts you could have at your wedding but those listed above are A-list. Be certain you’ve had the best wedding if you served your guests with any of those. Communicate with your dessert designer regarding presentation (or display) of the treats and with respect to your budget.

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