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Top 5 Garden Wedding Venues Miami FL


After picking out a date to have a wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is booking a venue that will accommodate your invited guests.

As an about-to-be married couple, it is your responsibility to pick out a suitable place to have your wedding venue.

Sometimes, event planners are employed to do most of the work; yet, you will still be required to pick your own wedding venue from suggestions.

However, most couples these days rather prefer Gardens to Banquet halls or Church or Restaurants. The reason could probably be as a result of the limited facilities and the inconvenience in accommodating numerous guests.

Also, most people love to use the greenery and ensure botanical collections are part of the highlights of the day

Since Miami is the preferred location, it is important to pick out the top 5 garden wedding venues available with respect to their location, style, tidbit and unique features. They are…

Deering Estate

This is one of the top-rated gardens in Southwest Avenue, Miami FL. The style is unique and different i.e. it has an Old-world form and there is a touch of elegance.

For the tidbit, what makes it interesting is the fact that it is a 444-acre estate that have been used over years to preserve nature. On this garden, fossils have been found which was scientifically proven to have existed from 50,000 years till date.

Although, there is a touch of elegance in the garden where tours can be taken, all facilities and services are to be provided by the newly-weds.

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Miramar Cultural Center and Botanical Garden

This is also another garden to hold your wedding. This garden is located at the Civic Center Place in Miramar Florida.

The style looks modernized but historic because it shows a Greek and Egyptian Revival architecture. One amazing thing about its tidbit is that it can be used for educational and cultural purposes.

The Botanical Garden is a great feature that fascinates various people from different parts of the world. The walls are perfectly illuminated and there is banquet hall where the reception takes place.

With the way, it looks, their facilities are great and catering is provided in-house. What better place can you then hold your wedding, if not Miramar Cultural Center?

The Ancient Spanish Monastery

Once you enter the monastery, no doubt, you will fall in love with the place. It is located at West Dixie Highway in North Miami Beach, Florida.

The style is definitely what makes it one of the top rated because it is a Spanish Gothic and Romanesque. However, the history of this monastery dates back to early 20th century when the original 12th century monastery relocated to Spain.

History calls it the “Jigsaw Puzzle”. For ceremonies, there are ways in which they are held; it is either in one of the monastery’s three historic chapels or one of the monastery’s five traditional gardens.

The place looks so beautiful with candle lights and all services are provided except catering.

Samsara Gardens

Located in South-West 147th Avenue Miami, Florida is Samsara Gardens which is best known for its waterfalls, ponds and amazing scenery. Style is Balinese-inspired which is in form of an Oasis.

The environment is peaceful, homely and luxurious at the same time. Based on popular reviews, weddings are best held at the edge of the pond because it is peaceful and creates the best atmosphere to confess love and take oaths.

In fact, guests can have the reception under the gloomy stars of the night or rock themselves to the dance floor which is beneath a hand-carved wood pavilion in a grand style.

All services are handled perfectly including the catering part which is provided in-house.

Curtiss Mansion

Curtis Mansion is also one of the top-rated garden wedding venue in Miami. It is located in Deer Run, Miami Springs, Florida with a Style synonymous to an Adobe Mission Revival.

The tidbit of this garden is a 14,000-square foot mansion with quite a number of outstanding amenities to enjoy a beautiful scenery.

In this garden, there are several outdoor and indoor areas which could be used for celebrations; hence, you have your wedding at different places all in one location.

All amenities associated with the garden is fantastic because it is a major link to important parts of Florida.

On the catering services, Curtiss Mansion gives newly-weds the opportunity to choose from their menu or bring theirs, whichever is suitable.

In general, all these garden wedding venues in Miami are the best and it is a great value for money with regard to the amenities and services that will be provided.

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