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Top 12 Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Best Wedding Ceremony Ideas – Miami FL Weddings

There is always something peculiar with a wedding ceremony and this is often called Rites or Trends.

Trend is often used for civilized and non-religious weddings while Rite is used for religious weddings because it is symbolic.

These rites are very significant and most people believe it has something to do with the union and the bride most especially. Therefore, as a bride, there are wedding ceremony ideas you will find useful. Let’s review 12 different wedding ceremony ideas to make your day special and memorable standing on stage with your groom.

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The Top 12 Wedding Ceremony Ideas

#1 Sand Ceremony

This ceremony is a beautiful sight to see and the symbolic representation is that two hearts become one. In this ceremony, all that is required is for the couple two mix 2 different colors of sand into one glass jar. Inseparability is the key purpose of this rite when performed.

#2 Water Ceremony

Also, just like the 2 different colors of sand becomes inseparable, so does two glass cups of water into one container. However, it is very important to check the type of color so a color not suitable doesn’t come up. Clear layers can’t be achieved when performing a water ceremony. The pre-ceremony be done before the wedding.

#3 Wine Ceremony

As a bride, you will find this quite fun and interesting to do. All you simply have to do is mix two different kinds of wine together and get a different type of wine. This ceremony also symbolizes the union of two hearts to become a better one. Also, sharing of a wine cup represents togetherness.

#4 Letters Ceremony

This is even more fun and very different from the kinds of ceremony where you have to mix. What you need to do with your fiancé is write a love letter to each other and then seal in a box with a wine and 2 glass cups. You can now share these letters later when you are married and read to each other taking a glass of wine as you express how you feel.

#5 Ornament Ceremony

Ornament ceremony is always beautiful and it is very simple. The bride wears the groom an ornamental plant and the groom does likewise.

#6 Unity Candle Ceremony

This is a very different kind of ceremony because it involves lightning up a dark room from a source. First, there are 2 candles for the couple which is separated by a third candle in the middle. This third candle is lit by the bride’s father and together, the couple can light theirs from it and then the whole room. Although, it is flexible and can be done in several ways.

#7 Flower Ceremony

One other type of ceremony performed at a wedding is the flower ceremony which symbolizes togetherness and love. Here, the bride has a rose flower as well as the groom. They exchange roses and then place them in a container or jar together. Friends and family can also participate in this rite by putting theirs after the couple must have put their respective roses.

#8 Tree Planting Ceremony

This is very different and means a lot to the couple and nature. In this ceremony, the couple is expected to plant a tree together and make sure it is nurtured. This tree will symbolize the longevity of your relationship together. It has a huge significance on how couples should see their marriage.

#9 Knot Ceremony

This is very common in the Eastern part of the world where knots are tied to both hands signifying a bond that can’t be broken. The knot can be tied using different objects and it also means staying together forever. This rite is done at the end of the wedding ceremony most times.

#10 Painted Canvas Ceremony

This is so much fun seeing two love birds painting together. It is very artistic and has a lot of memories to be held. Different things can be painted to make a successful piece of art. However, different colors have to be used to make it dynamic and unique. At the end of the ceremony, the piece of art will be kept by the couple.

#11 Lasso Ceremony

Lasso ceremony involves the use of floral garlands to make a twist round an object or structure. This rite symbolizes a love to infinity and it is best done at the end of the wedding. Roses on each floral garland makes it more beautiful and perfect.

#12 Sundial Ceremony

A Sundial is a carved stone. A Sundial ceremony involves the couple touching their fingers through this sundial and this symbolizes unity and strength in the test of time. After they have done this, a silk scarf is passed though the sundial three times and then wishes can be made.

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