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Cheap Wedding Venues Miami FL

Cheap Wedding Venues in Miami, FL

If you are looking for that special place to have your wedding that won’t cost you a lot in Miami, Florida, then we are glad to introduce you to the different wedding venues that come at a cheap price.

While the price for booking the venue is affordable, the quality of the venue is still as good as the most expensive venues. You’ll find these places professional, lovely, and comforting, three things that are perfect for hosting a wedding on a budget.

Each one of these venues has their maximum capacity and price per head. Depending on your guest list size, this can also impact the affordability of these Miami wedding venues.

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Below are the top 5 cheap wedding venues in Miami, Florida along with their prices;

#1: Unique Palms


This is a wedding venue with all kinds of facilities to ensure the wedding takes place successfully. It is built on 5 acres of property and looks quite large but can occupy limited number of people.

In this venue, there is a garden which brings a visual presentation of nature and romantic aura. You can get as many picture angles as much as possible with this feature.

However, there are certain things that come with using this venue; the venue can occupy 250 guests max. indoor and 170 guests max. outdoor. There is also a rule that all event must end by 11 pm.

The wedding venue is available to get between the price range of $11, 700 to $17,400 which includes set-up and the wedding itself. Sometimes, you can get extra hours at $1,000 per hour.

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#2: Aqua Reception Hall

aqua reception wedding venue miami

Another elegant-looking wedding venue with topnotch facilities. It brings down romantic moments at the perfect time and makes sure service is comfortable by all.

In this wedding venue, there are all kinds of packages and most of the things needed have already been paid along with the rental fee.

One unique feature of the hall is an open floor plan and the location is situated where it is accessible by people from all walks of life. With the perfect lighting, you get the whole place in the best mood for lovers, friends and family. Certainly, no one uses Aqua Hall without having romantic and memorable moments.

There are 4 different kinds of plans the venue supports; however, the max. number of guests it can accommodate is 180.

Aqua Hall accepts a setup fee between $600 to $800 and an average rental for a wedding ceremony between $7,400 to $12,000.

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If you need to hire a wedding officiant I’d love to get in touch and discuss my services. Check this page here for my wedding officiant pricing. You can schedule me as your wedding officiant on my wedding officiant pricing page. Or you can call me to see my availability to officiate your wedding (786)-236-8527.

#3: Grand Salon Reception Halls and Ballrooms


This wedding venue is definitely beautiful on sight. The whole place looks entertaining and sometimes, it is considered too good for the price at which it is being given out.

There is always a royal feeling that comes along with using the venue.

This hall, situated in Miami Florida, is one of the few that supports the perfect Welcome Cocktail. Although, you get a majestic feeling when you enter the venue, it still brings one of the best romantic moments when transformed with lights, colors and music.

In general, the wedding hall accommodates 350 guests max. and there are no time restrictions. You can rent this wedding hall between $5,600 to $9,300 and as well pay a security deposit of $300.

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#4: Villa Azur Restaurant & Lounge

villa azur miami wedding

This is another amazing wedding venue situated in Miami Beach, Florida. This restaurant has the best cuisine coupled with an elegant feeling and a perfect atmosphere to hold several events.

Although, the decorations are purely vintage with antique wood as well as huge chandeliers, it is one of the nicest places to get married.

All drinks and meals served are topnotch and a menu is often presented for guests to pick out from.

The maximum number of wedding guests the restaurant can hold is 140 and all events must end as early as 4 am.

The price ranges between $500 to $17,500, depending on the number of guests and time for setup & event.

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#5: Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

best miami wedding venues

If you are a religious person, then you have found the best place to help you in your spiritual journey. Trinity Episcopal Cathedral allows you to celebrate your wedding in a very special way with blessings from a clergy and sincere renewal of vows.

The two types of services that can be rendered by this Cathedral include; outdoor reception and indoor ceremony.

This is one of the few largest places to have your wedding because it can accommodate 1000 guests max. Rental fee for the cathedral is $525 and the average wedding cost for 100 guests is between $6,000 to $8,000.

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Other perfect and cheap wedding venues include;

  1. Miami Airport Marriott
  2. Raymond Catholic Church
  3. Sheraton Suites Cypress Creek
  4. Savor Cinema
  5. Marco Polo Beach Resort, etc.

Which Wedding Venue Should You Choose?

This is going to be a personal decision you have to make. There are many pro’s for each of the 10 affordable wedding venues listed above in Miami, FL.

It will come down to your personal preference for scenery and style of wedding. Your guest list size could also play a role in which one you choose and the overall cost of the venue.

But overall, you don’t have to worry about budget for wedding venues in Miami anymore because there are several beautiful places you can hold your wedding in Miami, Florida without stressing over cost.

All you have to do is pick out the best place with the best price and facilities.

Do You Need a Miami, FL Wedding Officiant?

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