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Best Wedding Venues in Miami FL

Best Wedding Venues in Miami FL

With an array of exotic and stylish places for celebrations and wedding ceremonies, Miami holds its name on top. People can plan their wedding according to their budget as it offers exotic venues for a range of budgets and choices.

Whether it’s an intimate ceremony or a dancing fair followed by dinner, you can have your wedding setup as per your choice.

We are going to share some wonderful venues which might be your dream wedding spot in Miami, Florida. Also if you need to hire a wedding officiant to run the wedding ceremony, learn more about my pricing and services here.

  1. Club of Knights
  2. Comber Hall
  3. Coral Gables Country Club
  4. The Miller Plantation
  5. Thalatta Estate
  6. The Bath Club
  7. Miami Beach Botanical Gardens
  8. The Temple House

#1: The Club of Knights

The historic venue is spread on around 5,000 square feet of space and holds the capacity to accommodate 400 guest approximately, which is best for an extended wedding fair.

The spot is highly recommended for couples willing to invite friends and family along with business colleagues and extended families. Other than this, the venue is the best choice for people dreaming of a grand ballroom for dancing. With its historic flair and outdoor beauty, this wonderful venue in Coral Gables might be something you’re looking for.

#2: Comber Hall

Another eye-catching spot situated in the heart of Coral Gables is Comber Hall. The historic and inspiring architecture of the double story venue is set within a tranquil tree.

The venue offers two ballrooms for dancing with the accommodation capacity of 500 plus guests altogether. Moreover, the amazing view of fountains, gardens and palm trees offer an exclusive set of photography spots which can turn your wedding more into a fairy tale.

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#3: Coral Gables Country Club

A classy and elegant spot for big ceremonies is Coral Gables country club. With an accommodation capacity of 1000 plus guests and Mediterranean architecture, the venue boasts of its historic look.

The ceilings and crystal chandeliers create perfectly sophisticated view for glamorous events. Coral grand ballroom is a lavish addition to the venue. A fountain room, courtyard and Merrick rooms are available with the capacity of adjusting 60 guests each along with a pool side and foyer which are perfect for cocktail parties and receptions.

#4: The Miller Plantation

The Miller plantation was built over a half century before and cover five acres of areas occupied by greenery. The exotic place is preferred by couples due to its closeness to nature and beautiful plantations with a combination of bricked walls.

The entire look of the place resembles north-eastern style and thus every couple getting married here admires the photographs captured.

#5: Thalatta Estate

Thalatta estate is known for its perfect location over the bayside, creating a mind blowing venue for outdoor wedding ceremony or receptions. The perfect mix of greenery, floral setting and bayside makes the venue amazing for timeless memories.

#6: The Bath Club

Another exotic hidden gem for wonderful wedding experience in Miami is The Bath Club. It being on the beach covering around 26000 square feet of area, provides an unforgettable experience to the guests as well as the wedding couple.

You would definitely feel the place providing a naturally romantic environment. The best thing about it is its highly affordable rent with the charismatic rooms and an 8-course sit down meal. It would definitely be one of the best and affordable places to plan your wedding.

#7: Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

As the name suggests, the event place is immersed in nature and greenery. It is located at the center of the south beach and offers a tropical paradise showcasing all the native plants, trees and flowers of Florida.

The best offerings about the place include its essence of natural plantations and greenery that provides a perfect site for photography and videography making the memories that would never die.

#8: The Temple house

The temple house is exclusively a luxury wedding venue located at the heart of South of the Miami Beach. Around 800 million events of locals and celebrities have been organized there due to its tempting architecture.

It is one of the most desirable wedding venues of the United States and holds prominent priority for photo and video productions.

Conclusion on Wedding Venue Reviews

Overall, these 8 wedding venue locations in Miami are some of the best Miami has to offer and are worth the money. Check out their respective websites to read further reviews, check pricing, and make a final decision.

I’d love to officiate your wedding at one of these Miami wedding venues. Please reach out to learn more about my services or by phone 786-236-8527. I’d love to share my experiences officiating couples and their testimonials of me.

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