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Best Wedding Photographers in Miami Florida

Top Wedding Photographers in Miami

When planning a wedding, you must think about a lot of things to do, in order to have the dream wedding. The most important decisions to be made are the date, the venue, the officiant and, the last but not the least, the photographer.

Photography is crucial, because the pictures are actually like living memories: if the photographer or the videographer has failed to do his job, instead of focusing on how beautiful the wedding was, the new family will focus on how the photographer messed up his job.

A good photographer is worth as much money as he requests, because it is not easy at all to be the best in your field of work; you invest money, time and, of course, a lot of passion! When you put passion in your work, the results will be as good as you wish.

This article is willing to help you choose the one who will give life to your memories, and it is based on the users’ reviews and experiences. Every photographer is unique, but there are four who, according to clients’ opinion, are the best in Miami, US.

Leo Photographer

Based on the reviews, Leo is one of the best photographers from Miami.

His secret ingredient is passion:

‘I love what I do. I love the different people to meet and work with, and the unique stories they share with me. Capturing the personality, the individuality and the life of everyone I work with is my greatest passion. I love to catch real life moments in my photographs, where people are as real as they are everyday; happy, full of emotions and alive! Playing with light in any real time situation is my favorite part, it helps make those special moments step out of the scene for me to share with the world.’

His photography is unique, and it brings you somehow to that wedding. The pictures look like they belong to a fairytale, and they speak for themselves.

Pricing: Prices are confidential.


Evan Rich Photography

Evan is another photographer who knows how to make you feel like a princess or a prince, like a real star. His pictures also can speak for themselves; they reflect accurately emotions, thoughts or feelings.

His goal is also to capture all these things, as he confesses:

‘There is no aspect of photography more challenging or rewarding than capturing the true spirit of a person. My love of photography is fueled by my desire to capture the nature of humanity, interpersonal relationships, and emotion. There is no environment more rich in these elements than a wedding. A wedding is a convergence of two paths: unfolding through a series of moments, interactions, and emotions. My goal is to put those moments together to tell one single important story that will be shared between a couple and their family for lifetimes. I am in search of couple who are going to join me on this creative adventure so I can help them tell their story.’

Pricing: Prices start at $2,990


Freire Wedding Photo

Freire aims to make the customers’ weddings unforgettable by creating wonderful memories, in a unique style. He focuses mainly on creating pictorials which seem to belong to the roaring 20s. This photographer says about himself that ‘Photography is my love and my passion. And even more, since I began to shoot weddings because I can see so many real emotions through those days. Passion for light and storytelling lend me that unique ability to capture emotional connection. And the result? Clear, unmistakable chemistry. My approach to photographing weddings is creating beautiful, glamorous portraits with a fashion touch, balanced with styled details as well as timeless photojournalistic moments.” If you want to feel like Marylin Monroe or Greta Garbo in your happiest day, Jan Freire, the man on the backstage, is the best choice!

Pricing: Prices are confidential.


Rodrigo Varela Photography

Rodrigo is one of the most notorious wedding photographers in Miami. Because a good result requires also a lot of experience, he is a part of this industry for over 20 years. He is not only a good wedding photographer, but also he works for Getty Images/WireImage, the largest celebrity agency in the world.

Through his job, he helps the people feel like they are celebrities themselves. If you want to be like a star on Walk of Fame, you should appoint Rodrigo Varela and you won’t regret!

Pricing: weddings with Rodrigo Varela start at $4500, while weddings with Baro Studios start at $1800.


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