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Cost for a Miami FL Wedding (With Average Cost Examples)


Getting married is certainly one of the best times of your life and a memorable moment to cherish. However, it’s also an expensive day financially.

With proper planning, you can achieve a dream wedding while staying on budget. I’m happy you’re here today to get a cost estimate for having a Miami Wedding. Below we will outline the major expenses to plan for to help you determine your overall budget for having your wedding in Miami, FL.

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Renting a Wedding Venue

Firstly, the most important thing is renting a venue in Miami, FL where the wedding will take place. This venue should be able to accommodate a number of people that will be invited.

If you are expecting more than a thousand people, there are several halls or cathedrals that have been designed for this purpose and if you are expecting less than two hundred people, certain halls and restaurants have also been designed for this purpose.

The cost of rental depends on the number of people in attendance.

For instance, the average wedding cost for renting a wedding venue as well as catering services for a wedding in Miami is between $1,300 to $2,300.

Hiring a Photographer

Everyone knows the role of a photographer at a wedding ceremony is a crucial one that requires special expertise. A photographer’s job is to capture all moments from the event. Therefore, the type of photographer you hire matters a lot.

As a couple, you need to hire based on experience and cost of services, ensure whoever you hire can deliver at maximum.

The average cost for hiring a photographer is between $1,200 to $2,050.

Alongside, you can hire a videographer to produce a video recording of every moment from the event. The average cost for hiring a videographer is between $820 to $1,370.

Hiring an Officiant for the ceremony

A wedding officiant is one more significant person at a wedding ceremony because he or she has been given the legal right to join couples together. A wedding officiant could be anybody registered under the law as an officiant or a priest.

However, their services aren’t free and there is also a particular amount they get paid.

To hire an officiant, the average cost will be between $400 to $700.

Entertainment Expense

There is also the need to entertain the guests and the couple with good music and sound. For every wedding, there is the entertainment aspect and most often, they are responsible for how glorious a wedding will be.

A wedding becomes fun when you have a witty or great MC or DJ, fantastic lighting, a live band to give you good real-life music.

The average cost for entertainment at a wedding should be between the range of $500 to $950.

Wedding Dress and/or Wedding Attire

This is another thing your guests will love to see. The quality of your attire and how well the couple can mix and match.

For the groom, his suit and that of the groomsmen should be topnotch while for the bride, her gown and that of her bridal maids should be gorgeous. To achieve this, there is careful selection of attires before the event and often times, the price could look quite high.

However, it is best to get them all at once and the average cost for a wedding dress or attire for both the groom and bride is between the range of $180 to $300.

Wedding Decorations Expense

Also, one highlight of the day are the decorations for the event. Decorations are mainly to beautify the place and make the event look glamorous. Several things can be decorated, including the couple themselves. Talk about the bouquet for the bride, the flowers and centerpieces which will be placed on each table at the event.

When you decorate the perfect way, your guests will be so much thrilled at every aspect of the event. Although, these decorations require special skill and arrangement, you can make sure this is possible by hiring the best hands.

The average cost for flowers and decorations is between $270 to $450.

So How Much Does a Miami, FL Wedding Cost?

The above are just the most important expenses to pay for a wedding held in Miami. They have been calculated on the basis of average costs; however, each of these things depend on the number of guests at the event. The items above total $5,000 to $7,500 but can range even higher depending on several factors.

Don’t forget the reception afterwards. This will add another venue expense, catering/food expenses, DJ&Entertainment, and many other expenses you’d need a checklist to remember.

In total, the average cost for a wedding in Miami, Florida is $25,000 to $30,000.

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