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21 Wedding Trends in 2022


If you’re planning a wedding for 2022 then you must see today’s wedding trends. From colors to scenery to food, these are wedding trends that are sure to be hot in 2022. Wedding planning can be a lot of fun and if you need more inspiration please check out our Instagram here.

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Purple Colors

Throughout this year, the best color used besides white is Purple. There is always a shade of purple at every wedding. This could be in the bouquet of flowers, bride’s shoe, or groom’s shoe or tie. This shade of purple trend will continue in 2022 with the exception that other color inspired weddings will also likely trend in 2022 too.


Careful viewing of most weddings this year, one will notice there is always a touch of nature. Nature in this sense doesn’t mean the weather or tall trees surrounding people, but beautiful plants and jars of clean water on most tables of guests.

Nature signifies peace and calmness which also looks like a sign of good gesture to the invited guests. Fortunately, there is no wedding you will attend without a touch of nature there. It could be in form of the scenery from the venue location like a garden wedding or the ornamental plant set on your table for decoration and beautification.

Video Mapping

One more wedding trend that will be used in 2022 is video mapping. This is a kind of display where the room or venue used can be transformed to a desired mode. This video mapping is aided by a projector and can be used for several presentations and other indoor uses at weddings. The video mapping will give a sense of celebration and a less-tense atmosphere due to the diverse number of colors, shading and design available.

Bright Colors

This is one trend that may never cease to end because it gives a colorful atmosphere with the mixture of colors like Orange, Yellow, Purple, and even colors like Violet, Peach, Periwinkle, etc. The main essence of these diverse colors is to make sure the wedding scenery gets brightened up to make it fun and lively. This even can include the colors of bouquets or groom’s socks.

Single colors aren’t the trend anymore, combo colors are. So, don’t be surprised in 2022 if you see wedding planners using more of the brighter colors like pink, yellow or deeper colors like emerald, purple. This will be a wedding trend that will exist for a long time too.


One other trend which is almost similar to nature is the greenery. This is a trend that ensures that couples have a touch of green plants either organic or natural on them. The purpose of using green is that it looks peaceful and distinct. Greenery can come as the bouquet of flowers or the groom’s lapel.

One other thing often considered is the fact that unique organic backdrops give a more enhanced photo. With the aid of an organic or natural backdrop, you get a more beautiful piece of the moment. This is one reason botanical gardens are a popular wedding venue choice for couples.

Body Care & Fitness

Taking good care of the body is very important. Most times, the bride is the one that does the body care. She takes her facial treatments seriously, watches her body weight and reduces her diet. This is important to them because they want to look all glamorously dressed with the perfect curves coming out in their wedding dress.

Most brides also watch their diet to stay in shape and to avoid having their wedding dresses refitted. As for the groom, many men will undergo a workout program to get in shape for their wedding as well in hopes of looking amazing on wedding day. Weddings are a great motivational tool that spurs couples to start taking their fitness more seriously and is a trend that will continue over time.

Industrial Decorations and Setup

Nowadays, people don’t settle for sitting on a bamboo or bench at weddings, all they need now is a touch of industrial upgrade at the wedding venue. This upgrade comes as both the decorations on the tables, chairs and scenery where the couple will be placed.

The arrangements of the chairs and tables are also very important because the design attracts lot of guests. People saddled with this responsibility are event planners.

Industrial setups are usually more expensive, but couples have a choice of going for a budget-convenient one.

Sign ups

Having a sign up book for guests to sign is a common wedding trend. The couple getting married sure won’t be able to see everyone who attended their wedding; however, with the sign up, they can view those that attended and extend their “Thank you” message to them afterwards.

Wedding Invite Display

A wedding invite display has been in existence for many years now and may not stop anytime soon. This display is usually in form of a backdrop in order to show that the wedding was well attended by you.

As a guest, if you would love to take pictures of the event, you could stand in front of this wedding invite display and take pictures.

This is a form of “I Experienced It” picture that you are creating.

Night Lights

For weddings that take place at night or in a closed venue or auditorium, night lights are important highlights of the event. There is always a time to have the couple’s moment and what better way is it to have this romantic scene than to have night lights?

The night lights give a calm presence and slowly gets the lovers in the mood. Night lights are always very easy to get. In fact, some couples make use of fireworks at their weddings to enjoy the moment.


Drones are very useful for video coverage and pictures. Drones can go a long way to get angles for pictures and videos which may not be possible by a normal person. As a way to get a birds eye view of your wedding, drones can be used.

This is one trend that started last year, it spanned all through this year and will be widely used next year as drones become more popular in the photography and videography world.

Mix & Match Groomsmen Attire

Although, this is one common trend, it is still one of the most important ones. Groomsmen and the groom used to put on similar kinds of attire in the past, but now it’s more common for them to mix and match.

In this mix and match, the groom and the groomsmen won’t be putting on the same attire, but there is always a match in what they put on together. For example, the groom could put on a suit which is the color of tie the groomsmen are putting on or vice-versa.

Balloon Escape

One of the latest wedding trends is releasing balloons at the end of the ceremony. It’s a special moment to come together and watch the balloons take off but holds little significance. It’s more of an extra to a wedding as something fun and spontaneous.

Unplugged Moments

In today’s world of technology it is common for guests to share the wedding experience live on Facebook, Instagram and other online platforms. Additionally taking lots of photos or mini video clips to later post on social media is a common trend.


Many of these brides grew up listening to bedtime stories or fairy tales where a princess finally got married to the man of her dreams. Often times, an imaginative creation of this princess character is with a Tiara on her head.

Royal weddings are a real example of real princesses getting married with tiaras and many American weddings are using this trend as well in the United States.

Cakes and Desserts

Cakes and desserts are a top highlight of every wedding. I am not sure I have seen a wedding without a cake or dessert. Cakes and desserts are a whole new level of trend and even if any of these other trends here do not exist at a wedding, this will surely be one.

Wedding cakes have their own significance and there are always different types of cake you can get depending on your budget. The creativity level seems to increase every year on the exotic and unique style of wedding cake options available.

Small Plates

To go along with the wedding dessert trend is small plates. Weddings now days are using small plates to serve the desserts and this is a trend that shall continue for some time into the future. Using a smaller plate makes people think twice about how many desserts they try to fit on their plate.

Table Cards

When you sit down at the after party reception, your table will usually have a table card on it with the names of the guests who are assigned to that table. These can be stylish and decorative stand alone cards placed on each dinner plate or a general table list placed in the center of the table.

Hanging Florals

You could attend 10 weddings in year and notice about 7 of them had hanging florals at the wedding reception. It’s been a common wedding trend to use lots of hanging florals but it’s evolved as now bright colored florals are the common trend.

Silver and Chrome

More weddings these day will make use of objects in silver or chrome. Glittery objects is also an upcoming trend. The use of silver and chrome is replacing gold and rose gold more frequently at weddings as you’ll see in 2022.

DIY Food Stations/Eat, Drink and Get Married.

These days, most weddings don’t get waiters to serve their guests food anymore. All they now do is a Buffet kind of service where the guests are allowed to pick their choice of meal in whatever quantity they love. That is why it called a “Do-It-Yourself”.

The Food stations are at strategic places in the venue while people queue to get their meals. This way, money spent on catering services can be reduced. As long as there will be food at a wedding, this trend will exist for a long time, except it is being replaced by a better option.


All the trends above are top wedding trends that existed in 2021 and will continue to exist in 2022. These trends most times aren’t planned but have received wide acceptance into weddings. Most times, people who set the whole trend up are event or wedding planners and every wedding planner has his or her own unique style.

In conclusion, for couples who are about to get wedded, consider your budget first before signing up with an event planner who would make one of these trends at your wedding. It is possible to have most at your wedding, but everything depends on what you can afford.

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