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13 Tips for Having a Wedding in Miami Florida

13 Tips for Having a Miami FL Wedding

Having a wedding in Miami, FL is a dream for many couples. If you’re thinking about having a destination wedding in the Miami / South Florida area, there are several tips outlined below that will help make your planning an easier process if you use them to guide you.

I’ve been marrying couples in Miami as a wedding officiant and would love to share any local knowledge or answer any questions you may have. Contact me via email for any assistance!

Let’s dive into my best wedding planning tips for a Miami destination wedding.

Think About the Weather Before Deciding on an Outdoor Venue

Keeping the weather in mind for picking out the best dates for your wedding is highly essential. It entirely depends on what destination are you planning your wedding. Miami has heavy rain seasons which can make it a challenge to find a good weekend for an outdoor wedding.

For your wedding in Miami, the best time would be from late November to the mid of April. By the end of November, the monsoon period dies down, and it is safer to plan your wedding within this time span.

If you’re having an indoor wedding, this won’t apply to you as much but can still impact any outdoor photoshoots you plan to schedule while in South Florida.

If you need to hire a wedding officiant I’d love to get in touch and discuss my services. Check this page here for my wedding officiant pricing. You can schedule me as your wedding officiant on my wedding officiant pricing page. Or you can call me to see my availability to officiate your wedding (786)-236-8527.

Research Your Plans Ahead of Time & Plan Accordingly

There are many components to a wedding and each has its own series of events that must happen to make that component a reality. Think about all of the steps in advance and communicate with your wedding planner or officiant to ensure everything is covered.

For example, choosing the wedding cake will be no small task. You’ll need to first check around for the best cake shops in Miami and then you’ll need to compare design styles, prices, and availability for the dates you want the cake delivered.

I’d be happy to refer you to photographers, videographers, hair salons, cake designers, and any other vendor you’re looking into for your wedding. Give them a call, find out what the steps are and plan everything out accordingly so there are no surprises on wedding week.

Consider Wedding Venues Other Than Beaches as Well

While beach weddings are one of the most popular venue choices in Miami, there are also many other great options to make your wedding day a dream come true. Miami has some of the most beautiful botanical gardens, breath-taking golf course views, and historical churches.

Consider the Number of Guests

The number of guests is another important factor while planning your wedding. If you’re planning to have a big family event, then you’ll be looking for large venues where you can invite more guests.

On the other hand, if you’re planning your event to be private with some close friends of yours, some venues work perfectly with the small number of guests. Your wedding advisor could also help you with finding the right venue fit for the number of guests you’re planning to invite.

Have a Backup Plan

In case you’ve opted for a beach venue, you must keep the worst case in mind. The beaches can be windy at times, and this can even spoil your venue décor. So, it is always better to have a backup plan in case weather doesn’t cooperate with your expectations. Miami offers a lot more jaw-dropping places than you think!

Have a backup plan for other things in addition to venue like photographers, videographers, hair stylists, florists, cake designers in case any vendors cancel on you or emergencies come up last minute.

Plan Out the Food and Drinks

Deciding on the food and drinks is as important as determining the venue. What meals will you serve guests? Or will it be a snack bar at your post wedding reception? What drink options will you provide or will it be an open bar?

Again, the food and beverages should be planned according to your guests count and it’s smart to make sure you have additional stock of food and drinks to keep you on the safer side.

Think About Photography

Consider your photography taste. Would you prefer photos done outdoors on a beach with ocean views? Or would you like a floral / botanical garden backdrop? What about indoor photography? And during the reception?

Connect with a photographer to gather ideas and see examples from previous wedding shoots they’ve done to give you inspiration! You can also check out my Instagram page to see other inspiring wedding ideas in Miami.

Don’t Neglect Your Budget

Budget is always necessary as it is going to drive the entire wedding. You should consider your budget and try making the best decisions out of it.

If you’re planning a destination wedding to Miami, which can be quite expensive for guests due to travel arrangements, then it is suggested to keep the guests list short. It also would help you cut down on your budget along with fulfilling your dream of a destination wedding at Miami FL.

Make the Wedding Stand Out

Your wedding guests have been to many weddings over their lifetime so they are used to the traditional aspects of a wedding.

But if you want your wedding to be extraordinary, then you’ll have to put an extraordinary effort by planning some things that are outside of the box. These extra details can help your wedding stand out to your guests and be memorable.

Keep Your Dress Combination Aligned with the Floral Décor

An important factor is the color theme for the wedding décor. Keep your dress color aligned with the décor. It would complete the entire look of your wedding. Also, it would have a decent expression on how well planned you are.

Choose Your Wedding Officiant Wisely

As a wedding officiant myself in Miami, FL I have a bias to recommend working with me but I still implore you to do your research. Check out officiants website’s, social media accounts, and reviews that past clients have left.

Visit my home page here to see some of my recent testimonials and positive feedback I’ve received from working with beautiful couples to officiate their wedding.

Get Advice from Those with Miami Experience

Planning a wedding is hard enough as it is but trying to plan a destination wedding in a city you haven’t had much experience in can be even tougher! Luckily, there are many locals who can assist you in learning the best venues, best restaurants, hotels, transportation options, and any other questions you may have about the city or about planning your wedding.

Feel free to send me an email with any questions

Schedule a Final Rehearsal at the Wedding Venue

 I highly recommend having a rehearsal before the actual wedding date. It helps everything go much smoother and work out any kinks that may come up without realizing it. Not only that, but you’ll also feel much more confident on wedding day, helping relieve the nervousness and anxiety.

In fact, when couples hire me as their wedding officiant I always recommend the option to hire me for a rehearsal as well to ensure things go according to plan. 

Thanks for reading today’s tips on planning a Miami Wedding. You can contact me to learn more about my services if you’re planning to have a Miami wedding and I’d love to share my experiences with you to give you an idea of how a dream Miami wedding will go.

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